November 14, 2018

Virtual Reality Racing & Gaming

Virtual reality video game party in Rochester, Minnesota

Don’t just play the game…get in the game or on the track!  Hyperspace Starcade is proud to offer the most Virtual Reality Gaming in Minnesota!  Our Game Station offers a dedicated Virtual Reality Gaming Station and TWO Virtual Reality Racing Simulators!  Get your VR headset on and get ready to immerse yourself in a digital world of imagination and fun!  Virtual Reality is available for only a small add-on fee, which you can choose during booking.  ($10 to add VR Gaming and $15 per Racing Simulator, or all three for only $30.)

VR Racing in Rochester MN

Our VR Gaming Station offers a 50″ 4K Ultra Hi-Definition screen so that everybody can follow the fun.  Our PlayStation VR Console and great Virtual Reality games let your guests experience video games from the inside!  The VR headset and hand controls will make you feel the game like never before!

Virtual reality video game party in Rochester MN


Our TWO Virtual Reality Racing & Flight Simulators let your guests go head-to-head on the racetrack, or race against competitors in a variety of high-speed events!  Get in the “cockpit” and get your headset on!  Grip the wheel tight and get on the gas pedal, feeling every bump, turn and crash! Ace Combat 7 is the hottest flight simulator being released in 2019 and we have it.  Get into the cockpit and fly as a fighter pilot and bring a wingman because we can get you both up in the air couch co-op style in the same room! Feel the immersive experience of taking off from an aircraft carrier to fly on a fighter pilot mission with your wingman or go head to head in the ultimate dog fight.  We serve this experience to you anywhere from your garage to your classy private event! This is the best portable flight simulator and best portable virtual reality you can get anywhere and we bring it to you! Our cockpit rigs are custom made to provide you with unique one of kind fun you won’t find anywhere!  

Virtual reality racing at a video game party in Rochester, MN

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