November 14, 2018

Virtual Reality Party

Hyperspace Starcade video game and laser tag birthday parties in Rochester, MNGet In The Game! 


VR Gaming Station | Inside Video Game Truck 

Our 32′ Video Game Theater offers a dedicated Virtual Reality Gaming Station, TWO optional Virtual Reality Racing Simulators and more!  Get your VR headset on and get ready to immerse yourself in a digital world of imagination and fun!  TWO Virtual Reality racing simulators and FOUR oculus wireless headsets are available for only a small add-on fee, which you can choose during booking.  Our video game truck parties come with a 50″ 4K Ultra Hi-Definition screen so that everybody can follow the fun.  The game truck party also includes a PlayStation VR console and many Virtual Reality games for your guests to experience playing from the inside!  The VR headset, hand controls, flight stick and vr aim shooter controller will make you feel the game like never before!  

Side by Side, Custom, Virtual Reality Racing & Flight Simulator

Let your guests go head-to-head on the racetrack, or race against competitors in a variety of high-speed events!  Get in the “cockpit” and get your headset on!  Grip the wheel tight and get on the gas pedal, feeling every bump, turn and crash! Hop into the cockpit, pull back and hit the thrusters as an ace fighter pilot, star wars x-wing or tie fighter pilot! We serve a unique experience inside the Video Game Truck or out so you can play anywhere from your garage to a classy private event!  If you want to wow your party guests then have these at your next party! Our cockpit rigs are custom made to provide you with unique one of a kind fun your guests haven’t experienced before!

Virtual Reality Party | Portable Gaming Experience

Interested in trying out a Virtual Reality gaming experience?  HyperSpace Starcade is proud to offer the most fun, portable, Virtual Reality, gaming party service in Minnesota! Why not have an awesome, unique and blow your mind kind of experience that will take your event to a whole new level of fun? Two game coaches are included and deliver all the VR gear to your location.  We don’t just drop off the equipment we staff your party so you can kick back and relax!  We show up and go to work for you setting up your private virtual reality experience indoors or outdoors.  We have taken virtual reality parties to all sorts of spaces like parks, driveways, garages, dealerships, showroom floors, hospitals, living rooms and school cafeterias.  We have virtual reality games that anyone can enjoy and our game coaches are very experienced in easing newbies into VR. This is not just for kid parties but especially for adults! Be your group’s party planning hero and book us for your next event! We are sure to be a hit at employee engagement/holiday parties, conference kick off/wrap up, networking/happy hour, vip/experience/vip lounge, customer appreciation event, product launch and more!

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