November 13, 2018

Laser Tag Parties

Video game and laser tag birthday parties in Rochester, MinnesotaRochester’s best Laser Tag Party! 

Don’t get lost in the crowd at a laser tag center…have your own party right in your own back yard!  We can set up the playing field just about anywhere – your own yard, local park, cube farm, gymnasium, office building, favorite restaurant’s parking lot or pretty much anywhere you want!  

We use a highly advanced, commercial grade laser tag system! 

These laser taggers are powerful and accurate, yet safe for all!  Indoors or out, day or night, you’ll be amazed by the performance and awed by the incredible realistic sound effects!  Our Game Coaches will instruct players in the use of the equipment and run the laser tag games while you relax, knowing your guests are having a blast!  The playing field will be set up with pop-up “bunkers” which make it easy for players to hide and prepare for the “counter-attack!”  Re-spawn stations let players who are “hit” gain “new life” and get back in the game!  We easily rotate players for large groups!  Make it a combo party with our mobile video game theater and your guests will be in gamer heaven for 3 hours!  

laser tag lazer tag mobile battlefield backyard fun


Tactical Laser Tag

We know laser tag is loved by teens & adults too!  We set up mission-based games using awesome props like our BIOHAZARD CASE where teams need to deactivate it using a code to stop the timer before the other team wins!  Pro gamers love this prop as it is similar to legendary video games like Counter-Strike CSGO.  Airsoft, Paintball and Military enthusiasts also love our laser tag because we provide challenging and fun missions that require strategy and teamwork.  We also run more simple and fun classic games like Capture the Flag and Zombie Attack.  Laser Tag is fun for all ages and we bring exciting games you won’t find in fun centers where you pay money for each guest, play for under 10 minutes, and share the laser tag arena with strangers.  You get your own private party and everyone has a blast!

laser tag lazer tag mobile battlefield backyard funlaser tag lazer tag mobile battlefield backyard funlaser tag lazer tag mobile battlefield backyard fun

Combo Parties!

Want more? Make it a combo party and have an arcade on wheels roll up to your event as well.  We have video games and VR games laser tag enthusiasts are sure to enjoy in an amazing game truck. If you truly want a fantastic new experience your guests won’t soon forget you need to check it out.  Check out our VIDEO GAME LIST  and you can see we have HOT first-person tactical shooter games that you can play using Virtual Reality!  Using Sony’s Aim controller will put you in immersive games like Firewall Zero Hour and Arizona Sunshine.


We have Gift Cards!

Family asking what to get for this year’s Birthday? How about a gift card to help pay for an awesome party!  They will love seeing how much fun everyone had with the included pictures and videos.



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