November 13, 2018

FAQ | Game Truck Video Game Party

FAQ | Game Truck Video Game PartiesHyperspace Starcade video game and laser tag birthday parties in Rochester, MN

Got a question about game truck video game parties? Check out our FAQ list or give us a call at (833) 426-3734. We are happy to answer all questions.


How do I know the HyperSpace Starcade Game Truck can come to my house?

Our drivers are excellent and can go nearly anywhere.  As long as your driveway or street isn’t a very sharp hill, we can come.  Otherwise, you can divert us to a nearby park, church or parking lot! We need up to 60 feet of cleared space (as flat as possible).

Are there any hidden or extra charges?

Your party package includes use of all our video gaming stations and even a virtual reality gaming station.  We charge a very small fee to add on more Virtual Reality game stations to your party, as VR requires closer one-on-one game supervision from our Game Coaches. The add-on options for Virtual Reality will appear during the booking process. The start and end time you book is pure game time so there is no need to factor in extra charges for setup/take down time.

Will the kids know what to do during the party?

We bring a Game Coach so there’s no doubt!  Coach helps the kids along, inspire, and instruct.  We make sure it’s the party of the year!

Should I be concerned about the types of games for kids?

Simply let the Game Coaches know your concerns and we will address them on an individual basis and will make inappropriate games unavailable.  We have video games suitable for all ages.

What about bad weather?

We come rain or shine, chilly or scorching — we are climate controlled!  As long as the roads are safe for us to drive we will be there!

Should I schedule the game truck at the beginning or towards the end of the party?

We suggest that you tell your guests that the party starts before our game truck arrival time — that way they eat first and they can all see the grand arrival of our mobile game truck! In addition, most guests will want to stay and play in the game truck as long as possible and so having the game truck at the end of a party just makes it easier for participating in other important event planned activities.

What time will you arrive?

We will arrive approximately 15 to 30 minutes prior to your scheduled time in order to set everything up.  Rest assured, our door will be open for your guests by the start of your party time!

Do I request certain games?

You may request certain games be played, but there is really no need.  We always bring our full game library to every event and your Game Coaches can make suggestions and evaluate your needs in order to make your event successful.  You may bring and play your own games, but do so at your own risk.

Do I have to pay for the party in advance?

Payment is required in advance. Our reservations go quickly.  In order to reserve your date you must pay online after your booking request has been reviewed and accepted.  For non-profit events who must pay in a different manner (purchase order, etc.) please contact us.

Do I Leave a Tip?

Tipping gratuity is suggested at 10 – 15% and is optional. It is our pleasure to have the opportunity to serve you. Our Game Coaches are there to make sure that your group is making the most of our high-tech fun.  We tutor, inspire and entertain.  Please consider us as you would other forms of entertainment and service where tipping for good service is a great idea, but not required. We appreciate you! If you are feeling up to making our day awesome then please take a quick moment to leave a fun GOOGLE rating/review, CASH tip, VENMO to @HyperSpaceStarcade or PAYPAL to

What type of Fundraising can HyperSpace Starcade do?

We can set up tournament-style or general-style gaming to help raise money for an event or simply to just have fun with a large group of people. Other fundraising activities include admission tickets, school backpack flyer referral programs and silent auction gift cards.


How to raise $2,405 in 4 hours for your nonprofit organization fundraiser

If you decide to book a 4 hour concurrent combo it is both laser tag and our video game trailer attractions running at the same time. We normally charge $935 ($825 for 3hrs and $110 for an additional hour). However, some selected nonprofit organizations receive 15% off making the total price =$795.
We can easily handle throughput groups of approx 20 video game players at once every 15 mins inside the game trailer and another 20 playing laser tag every 10 mins. Let’s say for example that your fundraiser will have that type of throughput.  That is 40 players x 4 groups per hr x 4hrs = 640 players. 640 players x $5 admission tickets = $3,200 revenue. $3,200 revenue – $795 price = $2,405 raised for your fundraiser event!
VR is hot right now because of the cutting edge experience it brings for all ages! Virtual Reality gaming experiences in venues like shopping malls easily charge $30 per player for only 10 mins of play. If you would like to increase the funds raised, have more stuff to draw in guests and raise your event’s excitement level considerably then consider asking us about adding on 6 VR gaming systems to your 4 hour event. That will create a third attraction at your event for just $128 more. Our game coaches will then operate THREE awesome attractions at your event (Game Truck, Tag & VR) you can sell tickets for to help you raise even more funds and put your event over the top!

Where can I view your official policies?

You can view them here.

How can I get a better idea of how much fun an experience will be?

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