December 27, 2017

About Us

Video game and laser tag birthday parties in Rochester, MinnesotaHyperspace Starcade is your local family-owned mobile entertainment business.  As parents, we know how difficult it is to come up with an exciting party idea that’s age-appropriate, affordable….and most importantly, FUN!  We bring our high-tech mobile game station right to your curb or driveway.  Our video game truck is truly an arcade on wheels, with the latest and greatest video games, virtual reality gaming, TWO Virtual Reality Racing Stations, online gaming (to play games like Fortnite and more!) and stadium-style seating.  Up to 34 guests can play at once at our ten gaming stations…our mobile entertainment trailer is newer, bigger and better than any you’ve ever seen!

Hyperspace Starcade also brings Laser Tag parties to the Greater Rochester, Minnesota area.  We use the high-tech Razorback Laser Taggers from Adventure Sports HQ.  This incredible system provides realistic sound effects, incredible accuracy day and night, but is easy for players of all ages.  We set up the playing field right in your yard, parking lot or any outdoor area….we can even set up indoors, in a gymnasium or office building!  With pop-up “bunkers” and re-spawn stations to get players back in the game, your guests will enjoy fast-paced “combat” action day or night!

Based right here in Rochester, we are independently owned and not a franchise, so we can offer the affordable pricing and individualized service that you want from a party entertainment service.  Let us show you the one-on-one attention you deserve.  We look forward to bringing you Minnesota’s best birthday party and event entertainment.


The Hyperspace Starcade Team

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