December 27, 2017

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Video game and laser tag birthday parties in Rochester, MinnesotaHyperSpace Starcade is your local family-owned game truck and mobile entertainment business. 

As parents, we know how difficult it is to come up with an exciting birthday party idea that’s age-appropriate, affordable, and most importantly…FUN! 

Game Truck Video Game Parties  

Let us bring our high-tech mobile game truck right to your curb or driveway!  You get peace and quiet in your home with no clean-up stress and still throw the best party of the year!

Most fun centers are difficult for mom and dad to endure as the food, drinks and seating aren’t very satisfactory so why not have the game truck in the parking lot of your favorite restaurant or sports bar & grill?  Have our game truck at your favorite park or playground!  If you are visiting the Mayo Clinic and are held up in a lifeless hotel we can come to the rescue and park the game truck on site!  Our game truck is truly an arcade on wheels. Our game truck has the latest and greatest video games, virtual reality gaming, TWO Virtual Reality Racing Stations, online gaming (to play games like Fortnite, ROBLOX), and stadium-style seating.  Up to 34 guests can play at once at our ten gaming stations inside and outside the game truck!  Our mobile game truck is newer, bigger and better than any you’ve ever seen!

Tactical Laser Tag Events

HyperSpace Starcade uses high-tech, commercial grade laser tag equipment.  Our incredible system provides realistic sound effects, incredible accuracy day and night, yet is easy for players of all ages.  We set up the laser tag playing field right in your yard, parking lot, or any outdoor area….we can even set up indoors!  Many restaurants and hotels have meeting and party rooms that work great for laser tag!  We can easily set up laser tag events in a gymnasium or office building!  HyperSpace Starcade’s laser tag pop-up “bunkers” and re-spawn stations get players back in the game, your guests will enjoy fast-paced “combat” action!

Virtual Reality Gaming Party Experience

Why not have an awesome and unique new virtual reality experience that will blow you away!  When you book a virtual reality party with us you are investing in a fun and positive experience that will create lasting memories!  Our Game Coaches will bring all the VR equipment to you at the confirmed location.  We can set up your virtual reality gaming experience indoors or outdoors and it requires a minimal amount of floor space.  We have virtual reality video games that anyone can enjoy and our Game Coaches are very experienced in easing newbies into VR.  This is not just for kid parties but for adults as well!  A HyperSpace Starcade VR Party is the perfect option for employee engagements, conference kick off and wrap ups, happy hour, pot lucks, customer appreciation events, and more!

Based right here in Rochester, MN

We are independently owned and not a franchise, so we can offer the affordable pricing and individualized service that you want from a party entertainment service.  Let us show you the one-on-one attention you deserve.  We serve the greater Rochester area and look forward to bringing you Minnesota’s best birthday party and event planning entertainment.


The HyperSpace Starcade Team

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In the News

KIMT 3 News “Celebrate Rochester brings crowd to Civic Center”… ROCHESTER, Minn.-The Med City gathered to celebrate the new year in style at the Mayo Civic Center with many coming to have fun…”It’s really great to see it being busy. I mean, right when we opened the doors at 2 o’clock this afternoon we had a whole line coming in so it was really cool to see the whole building this busy on New Year’s Eve.”
 ABC 6 News KAAL-TV “Autism community in Austin connects and spreads important messageKids and young adults had the chance to participate in cool activities including laser tag, virtual reality simulators, and a truck full of video games. People who came out say while these games are fun, this day is really special for a lot of different reasons.”

ABC CH5 HyperSpaceStarcade

ABC News KSTP-TV “Wishes & More, state troopers & HyperSpace Starcade help gaming wish come true for child going through chemo…The nonprofit Wishes and More partnered with the Minnesota State Patrol to give a Crystal 11-year-old the gaming laptop he’s always wanted. It was a bright spot in a tough year for Caleb Rogers, who has been warding off a brain tumor.”

CBS WCCO Ch4 HyperSpace Starcade

CBS News WCCO “Crystal Boy Battling Cancer Surprised With Special Delivery… Caleb, 11, is battling brain cancer, so the State Patrol and Wishes & More decided to bring a little fun to his doorstep (0:52). WCCO 4 News At 6 – November 7, 2020″

Mayo Clinic Children's Center HyperSpace Starcade VR Event

Mayo Clinic In The Loop “HyperSpace Starcade, provided a nice break from reality for kids at Mayo Eugenio Children’s Center…Virtual reality gaming helps patients step out of their own realities January 21, 2020″

Post Bulletin HyperSpaceStarcade

Post Bulletin Newspaper “share fun and games with hospitalized children and teenagers.”

KROC 106.9 HyperSpace Starcade

106.9 KROC “Check out Rochester’s new Arcade on Wheels… I LOVE spoiling my stepson with amazing birthday parties – it’s what I do. Every year I find myself outdoing the previous year with a new and exciting business in Rochester. I’m like the Field of Dreams mom, “if you build it, they will come!” Meaning, I’m totally going to check out your new business. The next new biz on the list, Hyperspace Starcade. It’s Rochester’s arcade on wheels.”


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