November 13, 2018

Video Game Parties in Rochester, Minnesota

Video game and laser tag birthday parties in Rochester, MinnesotaWe have Rochester’s most exciting video game party!  The Hyperspace Starcade Game Station is 32 feet of non-stop action!  With 10 high-definition screens, multiple video gaming stations, an “Action Station” for dancing and action games, a Virtual Reality Gaming station, and TWO Virtual Reality Racing Simulators, up to 34 can play at one time!  It doesn’t stop there…laser and neon lights, amazing sound, stadium-style seating and full climate control make us the go-anywhere, do-anything mobile entertainment leader!


Video game truck, game van, game trailer in Rochester MN

The 2019 Brand New Hyperspace Starcade Game Station features:

Luxurious Limo-Like Interior 
The Hyperspace Starcade Game Station has a luxurious interior with ceilings and comfortable cushioned stadium-style seating. 

Fully Climate-Controlled
Regardless of the weather outside, the party rages on inside with your guests in complete comfort! The Hyperspace Starcade Game Station is  air conditioned for hot summer days and heated for chilly times. Party On!

Ten High Definition TV Screens
We have 10 high-definition screens in our gaming stations, Action Station, Virtual Reality Gaming Station and TWO Virtual Reality Racing Simulator Stations.  It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen!

TWO Virtual Reality Racing Simulators and dedicated VR Station
It’s time to buckle in and get on the track!  Our VR “racing cockpit” simulators let guests climb in and race head to head! Get your VR headset on and prepare to feel every heart-racing turn and straightaway! Other guests can follow the action on overhead screens!  Our dedicated Virtual Reality Gaming Station allows players to use a VR headset and controllers to immerse themselves in other worlds.  Don’t just play the game…get in the game! (Small additional fee applies for virtual reality gaming/racing. Add during booking. See pricing at bottom of this page.)

Online Gaming!
Hyperspace Starcade is proud to offer online gaming in our Game Station!  Play games like Fortnite Battle Royale and more! (Requires customer’s high-speed internet connection with modem/router within 300 feet of our Game Station or Add-On Wifi Hotspot.)

Latest Games Systems
We have the best game consoles and plenty of wireless controllers! We’ve got consoles from PlayStation 4,PlayStation VR,  XBox One and Nintendo Switch!

Our Game Station Supports up to 34 Players at once!
For the best multi-player experience, our game theater has multiple gaming stations and VR stations allowing up to 34 players at once! Inside we have seating for up to 26 gamers and outside we have 2 additional TVs for up to 8 more players! (Outside gaming stations are weather permitting) We can rotate players for larger groups!

HUGE Game Library
We have one of the largest ever-expanding video game libraries available. With the most popular video games, and more on their way, your guests will have no problem finding the latest and best games to keep them entertained for hours! 

Generator Powered!
Our Game Theater has its own ultra-quiet generator to run all our systems. There’s no need to plug in to electricity at your house.


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