November 13, 2018

School & Non-Profit Functions

Video game and laser tag birthday parties in Rochester, MinnesotaHyperspace Starcade brings Greater Rochester’s best mobile entertainment ideas for school functions, fundraisers, fairs and festivals! We offer special discount pricing for non-profit groups!  Our Game Station is perfect for graduation events, after prom or lock-in events, student rewards, church groups and fund raising events of all kinds!  

Our mobile Game Station is 32 feet of non-stop video gaming fun!  With ten high-definition screens, multiple video game stations, an “Action Station” for dancing and action games, a virtual reality gaming station and TWO virtual reality racing simulators, up to 34 can play at one time!  Our Game Coach can rotate players through so that we can handle even the largest crowds at the biggest events!  Laser and neon lighting, stadium-style seating, amazing sound systems and full climate control add to the “wow” factor of the Hyperspace Starcade Game Station!

School function entertainment in Rochester, MN

Rochester MN video game truck, game van, game trailer

Hyperspace Starcade Laser Tag is fast-paced, high-tech “combat” fun that everybody loves!  Our advanced Razorback Laser Taggers are powerful and accurate (yet safe!) day or night, indoors or out.  Realistic sound effects and pop-up “bunkers” along with re-spawn stations (come back to life!) make this action-packed game a BLAST for all.  We can set up the Laser Tag playing field in your back yard, parking lot or park, or even indoors for year-round fun!

Hyperspace Starcade Virtual Reality Party  Interested in trying out Virtual Reality Gaming?  Why not have an awesome and unique new experience that will blow away the same old boring pot luck company party? Our game coach is included and brings all the VR goodies delivered to you at the confirmed location. We can set up your virtual reality experience indoors or outdoors requiring a minimal amount of floor space.  You can’t beat the price when you book online! We have virtual reality games that anyone can enjoy and our game coach is very experienced in easing newbies into VR. This is not just for kid parties but especially for adults! Perfect option for employee engagement/holiday parties, conference kick off/wrap up, networking/happy hour, vip/experience/vip lounge, customer appreciation event, product launch and more!


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